“When I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, then I know it is wrong…”   Richard “Bucky” Fuller


This is a quote that I’ve lived by my whole art career and will always stick to as long as I am living and creating visual stories. My name is Jane Gahng and I’m the creative behind Red Letter Day! I’ve always been fascinated by how art can take you into another world. My passion started very young and took me to Italy in college to study the masters of art. With a background in the classics and a desire to pursue and make my own work, I tried to expose myself to as much art as I could. As a self-taught graphic designer, letterer, and calligrapher, I realized I found my calling creating special things for special people. I love creating stories through my illustrations, setting a mood with my lettering, and nodding my head to the classical art of calligraphy.

When I’m not sitting at my desk doing my drills and making a mess, I love to be outdoors and active or spend time with my family and friends eating, drinking, and laughing! I absolutely love all things that are fantastical, mysterious and a little odd, making what I do incredibly fun! I’m also obsessed with skincare and making sure I keep that youthful glow!


Thanks for checking out my little space on the web!!



All of the amazing photography done by Adrienne Gunde Photography & the styling by Nancy Park of So Happi Together