Not long now until Christmas day and you might be rushing to find some last minute gifts or something for the host / hostess of the party?? Buying a bottle of vino is an easy fix, but we’ve got some ideas up our sleeve that will turn your regular bottle of wine into a festive mulled wine treat!




  • Preloved cable-knit sweater (you probably have one in the back of your closet, or you can grab an inexpensive one from the thrift store like we did!)
  • Fabric shears
  • Silk ribbon
  • Twine
  • Favorite bottle of wine to gift
  • Mulled wine pack (cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise)
  • Gift tags



Step 1:

  • Lay one sleeve of your sweater on a flat surface and place the bottle on top. Use the bottle to measure how much of the sleeve you will need to cover the bottle



Step 2: 

  • Use the fabric shears to cut the sleeve off



Step 3:

  • Turn the sleeve inside out and grasp the bottom of the sleeve
  • Wrap twine around the end of the sleeve and tie a tight knot



Step 4:

  • Flip the sleeve back the right way and place the bottle inside
  • Secure the top with some twine and cover the twine with a silk ribbon bow


Step 5: 

  • Gather together the essential spices for mulled wine and place it in a cellophane/gift bag. We recommend Ina’s recipe > H E R E < if you need one!
  • Tie one of our cute > G I F T  T A G S < around the bag to finish the look


And there you have it, a gift for the grown-ups that will definitely be a crowd pleaser!


Write on,




Jane Gahng
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