My inspiration always starts from what I’m experiencing, seeing, or feeling. Calligraphy is an extension of discipline, practice, and the desire to perfect the letterforms. To see each of these forms as individual strokes that come together to create beautiful flow on the paper is what moves me. When I hear the nib scratching along the paper, it’s the most satisfying thing for me to hear. The different styles I have come up with all start from a fundamental level. Keeping in mind the traditional ideas and rules of Engrosser script, in particular. Balance, spacing, flow is all important to me when I’m writing products for weddings, events, or any commission that comes my way.


This flow from the hand to pen reminded me of my love of painting since I was 10 years old oil painting with my teacher. Watercolor painting is so versatile and can add to the beauty of calligraphy. I start illustrations by playing with the color and brush to see what is most natural. I thrive on the energy you can feel from paintings, so my go to brush sizes are large and a little messy. But the shapes and control that can happen are magical!


The final step is to digitize all my artwork from all the laser cut names to the paintings that I put to invitations. Once everything is digitized, the fun starts…arranging and seeing how things look together with the lettering and the painted images. To keep the integrity of the artwork is key and making sure the images are cohesive can take some time, but this is a small price to pay in order to achieve a piece that works together and flows in just the right way.